BoxeeQ was my entry for the Boxee/Twilio developer contest. I'm resubmitting it for the Anything Goes contest. It's a super-simple way to save movies or online videos to your Boxee queue when you're not at your computer.

see it in action

BoxeeQ Demo on Vimeo.

setting it up

Before you can start using BoxeeQ, you'll need to link your phone number.

Visit and log in with your Boxee username and password. If you don't want to use your own, try the test account. The username and password are both boxeequser. Just change the phone number to your own to test it out.

After you've logged in, enter the phone number you'd like tied to your account (the number you'll be texting BoxeeQ from) and click save.

Optionally, if you've got a Netflix account you'd like to use, you can click "link your Netflix account" in order to tie it with BoxeeQ.

That's it!

using boxeeq

Whenever you're out and want to add a video to your Boxee queue, simply find the video's ID and text BoxeeQ at (415) 599-2671 with the name of the site, a space, and then the video's ID. Save yourself some time and add it to your phonebook!

BoxeeQ currently supports:

Since BoxeeQ is currently on a trail Twilio account, you'll need to start your text with BoxeeQ's Twilio ID number: 6458-8162.


Let's say you'd like to add this YouTube video to your Boxee queue. Text "6458-8162 youtube 7v8gqwGp6bM" to (415) 599-2671.

For this Vimeo video, simply text "6458-8162 vimeo 2428345" to (415) 599-2671.

Getting the hang of it? Let's say you're at a dinner and someone mentions a really great movie you just have to watch. If you've got your Netflix account tied to BoxeeQ, just text "6458-8162 netflix [movie title]" to (415) 599-2671. If it's available on Netflix for instant watching, it'll be added to your Netflix Instant Watch queue. For example, texting "6458-8162 netflix seven pounds" to (415) 599-2671 will add Seven Pounds to your Netflix Instant Watch queue.

neat stuff

YouTube video IDs are usually case-sensitive (7v8gqwGp6bM is not the same as 7v8gqwgp6bm), but that takes too long. You can text BoxeeQ in all lowercase if you want. BoxeeQ uses the YouTube Data API to figure out the right video.

Adding a movie with a long title to your Netflix queue can be a pain, so just text BoxeeQ with as much as you can and BoxeeQ will text you back with suggestions. For example, to add Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist to your queue, just text "6458-8162 netflix nick and norah" to (415) 599-2671 and you'll get a text back with suggested movies.

even faster

If you want to save some time, BoxeeQ accepts shortcodes too. Instead of texting "youtube" you can just type "yt"

technologies used


Wow, that's a lot of stuff. How long did it take you?

About a week. The bulk of the time was spent figuring out the Netflix API (nowhere near as nice as Twilio's API) and the Boxee Queue API.

Wait a minute...there's no such thing as the Boxee Queue API!

You're right. I had to figure out how to hack the Boxee Bookmarklet to get videos added to the Boxee queue.

You're quite the handsome fellow. Can we be friends?

Oh my. Yes, yes we can. You can find all my info at Or e-mail me directly at