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On being the man

I went to Seth Godin’s talk in Dana Point last night. It was fantastically brilliant and I’ll write more about it later, but a quick (somewhat) funny story. After the talk, everyone was waiting in line in the lobby for our cars. As I was waiting, I’d overhear people’s reactions to Seth’s talk. “He’s brilliant.” “He’s dead-on.” “He’s the man!” And then a limo pulled up to the hotel and out came an older Japanese man in a suit. About 5’5″ and in his mid-to-late-fifties. Besides the limo, the thing that got everyone’s attention is who also came out of the car. A tall blond that looked 19, but we’ll say 21 to be on the safe side, with fake breasts too large for her body. Everyone went silent as they walked by. Brief pause. And then I hear, “nevermind, he’s the man. Seth’s got nothing on him.”

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