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On being the man

I went to Seth Godin’s talk in Dana Point last night. It was fantastically brilliant and I’ll write more about it later, but a quick (somewhat) funny story. After the talk, everyone was waiting in line in the lobby for our cars. As I was waiting, I’d overhear people’s reactions to Seth’s talk. “He’s brilliant.” “He’s dead-on.” “He’s the man!” And then a limo pulled up to the hotel and out came an older Japanese man in a suit. About 5’5″ and in his mid-to-late-fifties. Besides the limo, the thing that got everyone’s attention is who also came out of the car. A tall blond that looked 19, but we’ll say 21 to be on the safe side, with fake breasts too large for her body. Everyone went silent as they walked by. Brief pause. And then I hear, “nevermind, he’s the man. Seth’s got nothing on him.”

Whew, my iPhone fixed itself

I dropped my phone last month. This wasn’t your normal spill either. As I was taking the phone out of my pocket, I lost my grip; I tried to grab it on its way down, but ended up knocking it upward in the air, causing the resulting impact to be even greater. It bounced a few times on the sidewalk before coming to a rest. The case cracked open right above the ringer switch. Surprisingly, the phone still worked. Well, sort of. I couldn’t switch the phone to silent (since it cracked right above the switch) and I couldn’t stream video. The native YouTube app still worked, but if I tried to watch a streaming video in the browser, say an episode of 30 Rock on NBC’s mobile website, rather than playing the video, it would show the data in Safari–as if the fall broke something in the software.

A screenshot of the data shown on my broken iPhone when trying to stream a 30 Rock episode from NBC's mobile web site.

Anyway, I updated to iPhone OS 3.1.3 today, and video streaming is working again. So if you run into a similar problem, try reinstalling the OS.