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Map+ 1.2 now available

The e-mail I’ve been waiting for finally arrived today. The latest version of Map+ has just cleared Mozilla dev review and is now available on the Firefox add-ons web site. Here’s a list of what’s new.


  • If possible, partial addresses are now completed using the Yahoo! Maps API.
  • The location marker is finally centered on the map.
  • The zoom level of the map is dynamically set based on the precision of the selected address. (For example, if you view a map for a city, it’ll be zoomed out a little more than if you view a map for a specific street address.)


  • Fixed a bug that removed commas and periods from addresses.


  • Updated add-on to be compatible with Firefox 3.
  • Updated Yahoo! Maps to 3.8.
  • Updated Yahoo! YUI libraries to 2.0.

I wasn’t able to get any language translations done in time for the release, so they’ll be included in the next version. So far, all I have is Traditional Chinese.

Special thanks go to Sunny Chan who added the code for dynamic zoom and address completion while I was still working at IBM. Open source at work, it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve created a Get Satisfaction page for Map+, so be sure to post there if you need help or have feature requests. Hopefully, it’ll keep things more organized than everything ending up in my e-mail inbox.

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