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Better late than never

Strobist recently posted a link to a Flickr toy site, Scout, that lets you see if any of your photos have made Flickr’s Explore page. Looking for an ego boost, I typed my username in and found that three of my photos had made it on Explore some time ago. Not the best rankings within explore itself—certainly not the first page—but I’ll take it. Small victories.

Setting up EZ Flash V

My sister recently purchased an onyx black Nintendo DS lite and immediately saw the need to run homebrew programs. I have the EZ Flash IV lite for my DS, and it works perfectly, so I decided to stick with the EZ Flash series of flash cards. I bought the latest iteration, the EZ Flash V, from winsunx for $29 plus $18 shipping. (Don’t let the specious web site detract you, I’ve used them before and they are legit.)

Although a good product, the makers clearly didn’t spend much time on documentation. The package contains the flash card and nothing more. No manual, not even a CD with the needed software. Not to worry, I’m here to walk you through it.

Start by formatting your microSD card to FAT32. This is a straight-forward Windows operation. Just connect the card to your computer, open up My Computer, right click on the newly detected drive, select “FAT32” from the “File System” drop down, check the “Quick Format” checkbox, and hit “Start.”

Now it’s time to download some files. The first being the “shell.” I downloaded my copy from TotalGBA, but you can probably find it on a few other sites as well. You’ll also need to download a “kernel.”

Unzip everything to your microSD card. After doing so, there should be an “ez5upldr.bin” file and a “shell” folder on the card. Remove the microSD card from your computer, insert it into the EZ Flash V flash card, and insert that into your DS. Turn on your DS while holding down the “R” button. (If you’re DS isn’t configured to autoboot DS games, load “EZ Flash V” from the DS menu while holding down the “R” button.) The program will load and display some instructional information. Press the “R” button again. The program will continue running. After it has finished running, it will prompt you to press the “A” button.

You’re all set! Turn off the DS, remove the microSD card and put it back in your computer. Delete the “ez5upldr.bin” file, but keep the “shell” folder (EZ Flash V needs it to run properly). Load up your favorite homebrew programs and enjoy.

Update: If you’re having problems with some programs not running (they load but never go any further), you may need to change the microSD card speed setting. (Different microSD cards have different speeds. PNY being the fastest, Kingston a bit slower, and so on.) Start up EZ Flash V, and while in the menu screen (where you see the list of everything that’s on your microSD card), hold down the “L” button and tap “R.” This will bring up the settings. From there change the speed to a higher number. Try 12 to start with; if the program works, lower the number and try again. Keep doing this until you find the speed setting where things start to break. Then just increase the speed by one and you’ve got the right speed setting.